Sitemap - 2023 - CIEO

Merry Christmas!

Why are MPs endorsing Stonewall’s rainbow laces campaign?

Nicola Sturgeon is still haunting Scotland

When did publishers stop caring what their readers actually want?

What I read in November

Compassionate pedagogy

The wrong kind of victims

If everyone can be ‘far right’ then the term has lost all meaning

Private difficulties, public pain

Why won’t the Tories ban pupils from transitioning?

Why are young people sympathising with Hamas?

Scotland’s ‘Read Woke’ scheme will have Shakespeare turning in his grave

The Tories have abandoned education to the woke

The negative side of being ‘sex positive’

Why did the UN let Iran chair a human-rights forum?

The Met’s strange approach to protest

Invite your friends to read CIEO

How campus became a safe space for anti-Semitism

What I read in October...

Where’s the solidarity with women in Iran?

Why are feminists like me being labelled ‘far right’?

Woke capitalism is more than just a branding exercise

Cancel culture's barbaric endpoint

Dissolving biological bonds

Wokeness or Enlightenment?

Some beliefs are more luxurious than others

Will Ian McEwan ever get over Brexit?

The HS2 flop reveals Britain’s crisis of ambition

What I read in September

Greens, stop using kids to fight your battles

We must learn to confront disagreeable ideas

Cynical Starmer sees votes for 16-year-olds as a reward for obedience

The NHS has forgotten its real purpose

The fall of Russell Brand is no victory for women

The Censorship Bureaucracy

How museums lost their way

Sunak needs to pick a side in the gender debate

The hypocrisy of Birmingham’s council

Why England’s schools are crumbling

What I read in August

We need to calm down about the World Cup kiss

The hollowing out of higher education

What I read in July...

Meghan, Harry and the truth about sexist adverts

Living in Financial Times

Nigel Farage has landed a blow against woke capitalism

Gender ideology has captured the state

Why was Carla Foster ever sent to prison?

Sexual Misadventure

UK universities are ditching freedoms for Chinese cash

Against Decolonisation

The BBC presenter scandal reveals the narcissism of the media

Beware AI in the classroom

Cry Bullies and the Infantilization of Debate

Spare us from Keir Starmer’s vacuous education pledges

Congratulations to LGB Alliance!

Why are high street banks teaming up with Stonewall?

Freedom in an Age of Identity Politics

What I read in June

In memory of Ann Leslie

During the pandemic women leaders were feted but where are they now?

What happened to the kids told 'not to kill Granny'?

Sanity Across the Pond

Was the British empire evil?

How parents are kept in the dark about sex education

Taxpayers deserve more from councils than a four-day week

Carla Foster’s fate shows the need to reform Britain’s abortion laws

In defence of the sexual revolution

The return of the #MeToo showtrial

Who allowed Dale Vince’s climate curriculum to take over schools?

From Play-doh vulvas to polyamory, what your kid is learning at school might shock you – its time the Govt got a grip

What I read in May...

Gender Wars: why the trans lobby hates debate

This is not about Suella’s speeding ticket

The limits of free speech

Why Miriam Cates is wrong about free childcare

Woke Wales

Lawyers are right to boycott Humza Yousaf’s juryless rape trials

The warping of sex education

Where was Stella Creasy when other mums were being harassed?

What I read in April

Britain has given up on education

The smearing of Kathleen Stock

Labour’s ‘lessons for boys’ plan is a sinister sideshow

Inflating the harms of gambling

Trapped in Pathfinder

Who runs Britain?

The truth about Britain’s entitled strikers

Eco-fanatics can no longer act with impunity

The British Library does not need trigger warnings

We need to kick wokeness off the therapist’s couch

Thank you

What I read in March...

How trans ideology took over our schools

Is Keir Starmer finally seeing sense on the trans issue?

The real problem with the Met

The trouble with sex education

Addiction is not a disease

The sinister war on statues

What Biden gets wrong about women’s rights

A Covid Reckoning in the U.K.

Is it now ‘far right’ to be a feminist?

Europe After Ukraine

The most insulting International Women’s Day campaign

In defence of Isabel Oakeshott

Labour’s ‘menopause action plan’ is an insult to women

Matt Hancock failed our children

What I read in February

How our schools lost control

Raquel Evita Saraswati and the new ‘race fakers’

A snob’s charter

How can it be the same bloody broom then?

Two Woke Authoritarians Make Their Exit

Hunger for history trumps the cancel crowd

The British Empire is not a morality tale

Wales has learnt nothing from Sturgeon’s self-ID debacle

Positive discrimination is a menace to equality

Playgrounds are no place for Pride parades

What I read in January

The trans war on the family

The importance of bad theatre

'Woman' should not be a dirty word...


Why Sturgeon’s gender bill had to be stopped

A nation needs heroes

New Year, New Anxieties

Playing with independence

Prince Harry and the cult of ‘openness’

There's a better way than diversity training