Sitemap - 2021 - CIEO

Is the university over?

The cruelty of lockdown

When did traditional masculinity become toxic?

The Chinese Dream

Trans activists aim to make women fearful of speaking openly about gender. And they're succeeding

So much for Boris Johnson’s war on woke

The University of Austin puts the rest of academia to shame

Journalists have morphed into climate activists

EastEnders isn’t the place for a lecture on climate change

The shameful treatment of Marion Millar

John Lewis ad fiasco shows that advertisers should spare us the tiresome woke sermonising

Trans backlash on Atwood shows that while women have been freed from the control of men, they’re now controlled by men in dresses

How Stonewall conquered our institutions

The war on statues is not a fight over 'context' & 'colonialism'.

Kathleen Stock is the real victim of hate here

Hate campaign at UK university shows how appeasing trans ideology encourages mob rule

Making misogyny a hate crime won’t make women safer

At last, an official body that recognises letting trans athletes compete against women is unfair, unsafe and unethical

The grim exploitation of Sabina Nessa’s murder

Keep trigger warnings out of the cinema

Transgender children?

Labour has betrayed Rosie Duffield

Arguing children need vaccines for their mental health & social development is scientifically illiterate & morally reprehensible

Culture and Carnage

Lecturers are talking themselves out of a job

Where is the outrage over vaccine passports?

The push to vaccinate kids shows our moral compass is askew

Letting people self-identify gender in a census is another step towards erasing women completely

Eco-extremists want to force mothers back into drudgery

The end of sex

Harry and Meghan’s glib Afghan statement

The silence of Western feminists is deafening

Kate Clanchy: no one is safe from the woke mob

‘Jabs for lectures’ is a dangerous policy

A woke Olympics risks revelling in mediocrity

Cake is linked to slavery because it contains sugar?

Legitimate pastime or dangerous harm?

Allowing mass absence from school is an inexcusable betrayal of children

Spare us Prince Harry’s ‘literary memoir’

Should racist posts bar someone from university?

It's mad not to let parents have a ‘veto’ on children’s trans medical decisions.

Labour and the pursuit of ignorance

Breast-binding woke icon Emma Corrin is far more of a threat to young girls than the Page 3 ‘stunnas’ who bared their boobs

Gavin Williamson's plans for schools won't restore the normality our children desperately need

Timeless books are now being sacrificed on altar of PC culture

The divisive plan to ‘decolonise’ our schools

How does a charity with a bad reputation and falling donations change its image?

Stop forcing healthy children to isolate

George Floyd-inspired ‘inclusive’ lingerie?

What Meghan Markle can learn from Enid Blyton

The establishment’s war on womanhood

Cambrian University

Let's not build back in a 'more feminine way'

Shamima Begum has no remorse

Raise a glass to Maya Forstater

University of Woke

Trans propaganda has no place in our schools

The madness of vaccinating teenagers

The rise of the woke prison

The problem with Prince Harry’s mental health drive

Keep protests out of the playground

From Lego to Nullo

The State of Academic Freedom

Demi Lovato is too special for biology or grammar