Sitemap - 2022 - CIEO

The new aristocracy of victimhood

Reading Woke in Son Kul

Intersectional feminists are gaslighting women

The fall of Mermaids cannot come soon enough

DEI initiatives are killing education

We need to stop treating adolescence as a mental health disorder

Museums are vandalising themselves

The problem with The Truth

Critical race theory is being taught as fact

Viktor Orbán’s opponents are out of touch

Matt Hancock has united Britain

How Academics Get Men Wrong

Macau’s Zero Covid Policy

Gavin-gate: a sorry indictment of the Westminster bubble

Education or Indoctrination?

The politicisation of clinical psychology

America’s parents are revolting

Liz Truss was a conviction politician

The ‘Tufton Street nexus’ is a conspiratorial fantasy

Power Without Authority

Why the trans lobby loves censorship

Why we must fight the culture wars

Forgotten party is a home for frustrated voters

Do Oxford students really need trigger warnings?

The dangers of a woke NHS

Nők Vs. Feminizmus

Labour wants to take power away from the people

Can Cambridge decolonise?

Penalizing Ourselves

Game of Chancers

Mahsa Amini and the bravery of Iran’s anti-hijab protesters

Preserving Culture

What the monarchy tells us about the generation divide

Manufacturing Authority

£50 for 50 articles

Transgenderism in Schools

We need to stop demonising dads

Letters to a Young Dictator

How Woke Put Paid to Publishing

Why all the panic over international students?

Challenging Virus Scepticism

Putin’s Geopolitical Brain

Contemplating Phenomenology: A review of American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion, Technology by D.W. Pasulka

How we gave up on education

Leadership brawl will give Tories more punch

Suella Braverman is right to take on trans teaching in schools

Academic Freedom

We need to stop rewriting history

Trans ideology has no place in our schools

The Strategy of Maoism in the West

Our attitude to history has moved from pride to shame

The truth about trans teaching in schools

Class is not an ‘identity’

Climate preaching is no way to win over converts

Updating classic stories cheats our children

Ways of Knowing

Boris has failed to fight wokeness

British Islam and English Law

No one should be forced to declare their pronouns

The diversity industry is bad for business

Levy or Not?

Society’s stubbing out the longing to grow up

The Woke International School

Victory for Johnny Depp does not spell the end of #MeToo

Even Republicans cheer the Queen’s qualities

We Need To Talk About Trans Politics

A woke police force is the last thing we need

Comedy is our weapon against woke absurdity

Against an Independent Scotland

Jamie Oliver and the culture war against the working class

Is ‘woke’ real?

The End of the Modernist Era in Arts and Academia

It's here!

Trans dogma has taken over our schools

How trans activists exploit gay rights

Transgenderism and Adolescent Identity Formation

The Left’s hypocrisy on women’s rights is nauseating

How Woke Won

How Netflix finally woke up to the true cost of preachy TV

Westminster is not a hotbed of misogyny

Fighting for Democracy

Can we all calm down about Angela Rayner’s legs?

The topsy-turvy world of intersectional feminism

The harms of lockdown

Putin and Xi’s shared inspiration

Rishi Sunak: citizen of nowhere

Finally, Boris is talking sense on trans issues

Scotland’s failed war on addiction

The beatification of Jamie Wallis

Free Speech: A global history from Socrates to Social Media

The betrayal of the Covid lost generation continues

Putin’s Geopolitics

Not even jam tomorrow

Why can’t we tell the truth about Lia Thomas?

Gendering education

Academia in a Spin

Democracy and Dystopia: Part Two

John Bercow’s fall from grace was long overdue

Sir Gavin’s knighthood is an insult to children

Democracy and Dystopia: Part One

The war in Ukraine is not about Putin’s mental health

A Union Without Faith or Law: Part Two

Why is the SNP so obsessed with teenage sex?

Where is the liberal outrage at Trudeau's monstrously illiberal behaviour?

Stonewall is about politics not common sense

A Union Without Faith or Law

War with Russia?

Diversity versus Democracy

Carry on Carrie: why I’ve changed my mind about our ‘first lady’

Critical race theory has no place in the classroom

Why should we legislate against hurt feelings?

In praise of Rosie Duffield

Something Rotten in the Groves of Academe

JK Rowling's second-rate critics should be thanking her, not trying to erase her

Brave New World

Kate Clanchy: how publishers became the book-burners

Let Ashling Murphy rest in peace

The most unforgivable lockdown error was our neglect of children

It’s not up to Dominic Cummings to pick our PM

Leave Enid Blyton alone

These moral avengers risk destroying all art

Gambling on Debate

We should be outraged by the rules, not the rule-breakers

Girls’ schools are for girls only

The ‘Colston Four’ verdict is a licence for woke vandalism